Summer Love with a Spin

I am a huge fan of YouTube. The people, the videos, the entertainment. I can (and have) spend a whole day watching videos and eating a couple snacks in between. One of my favorite channels is run by a man named Will and one day, Will vlogged about how he got the chance to play a role in the movie version of one of his favorite books. While I unfortunately still have yet to see the movie, I have read (and re-read) the book.

Something Like Summer by Jay Bell

What Made Me Read This Book? After hearing about how a YouTube favorite of mine would be cast in the movie adaptation, I was curious to know what the book was about. Not the most complex response, but sometimes its as simple and easy as that to stumble upon a great book. 

In the Texas heat, its easy for tempers to flare. Which is exactly what happens and causes Ben to maybe or maybe not run Tim off the road while roller-blading. Suddenly hit with a brick ton of guilt, Ben makes it his job to help Tim recover from the injuries he received in the collision - especially after learning that Tim's parents are away and Tim would be otherwise helpless. Over the course of the few weeks it takes to begin the healing of a broken leg, Ben and Tim discover a "friendship" which in turn leads to something more. But when secrets and shame began to sprout in the budding relationship, the two are torn apart and put on a journey the lasts the course of nearly a decade. But no matter how the seasons may change, they'll always have summer. 

My Rating: ✯✯✯.8 - I definitely love this book. So much so that even after I finished reading it online, I still asked for the hard copy of it for Christmas. But despite how much I love it, there were still some flaws. 

Why? This love story was adorable. From the ups to the downs to the run-ins with the law and then back up, the story is captivating. Anyone can relate with Ben. Having a crush on someone from afar, but not saying anything because they belong to a different, more popular social group. Thats nothing new. What is new is Ben's *not so subtle* way of dealing with the frustration. While I don't not advise barreling into your crush on roller skates, knocking them into a ditch, and subsequently breaking their leg... I wouldn't have changed that sequence of events in the story at all. Because that collision catapulted a wonderful (for the most part) adventure. Still, there were some elements that I would have changed. I can't go into too much detail because there are 3 other stories in the series, but there were some character behaviors and decisions that got annoying after a while. And one heart-breaking sequence that I believe could have otherwise been avoided. But those brief criticisms aside, the overall tale was heart-warming, heart-breaking, and well worth the read. 

Favorite Quote: "'Your house is really close if we cut through the trees there,' Ben said without thinking." 

Hint for next week: Magical road trip

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