Think Oceans 11, But Less Adults and More Violence

I remember back when I was in Florence and looking for something to read that I found this book online and tried to start it. For some reason, I couldn't get into the story when trying to read it off the bright, tiny screen of my phone, so I decided to postpone it. Once I got home, I bought the hardback copy of this book, along with its sequel, and started over again. I'm so glad I did.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

What Made Me Read This Book? Honestly, I can't remember what first made me want to read this book nearly 2 years ago. Since I first began reading it on my phone, I probably saw it on a list of YA books and found the synopsis fascinating and decided to give it a try. But no matter the reason, it has become one of my favorite reads.

Living in the dangerous streets of Ketterdam, where kids grow up fast and adults behave like children, Kaz is an unofficial king of the Barrel -- hustling, grinding, and at times violently enforcing, to stay alive and keep his gang afloat. When an offer that he can't refuse arises, Kaz gathers the best of his best and they embark on a dangerous journey to pull off the heist of their lives. But nothing so grand ever comes easily or without the spilling of a little (or a lot of) blood and facing enemies both known and disguised, Kaz and crew risk it all to steal it all. Also, there's some cool magic.

My Rating: ✯✯✯✯.5 - Even though I first read this book 2 years ago, I still often find myself flipping through it to relive certain scenes and lines. Also, the cover design is just gorgeous.

Why? Going into this book, I knew very little and with every page I both learned more and understood less. Bardugo has such a wonderful ability to tell multiple stories simultaneously while traveling through time and space and establishing and introducing a whole new world while still giving depth and heart to each character while maintaining the main plot and developing it. I have no idea how long it takes her to write, but all the effort and attention to details pays off and results in a story that begins as a heist and ends as something so much more and deep hitting. There are layers upon layers and as soon as you think you've hit the core... there's more. Also, I love when books have diversity. I can't get enough of (well done, caring) diversity in books. People of color, people of varying sexualities, people with disabilities (both physical and intellectual), people with different body types -- this novel covers and includes them all without anyone feeling like a token or a last-minute addition. That really drew me in and got my appreciation.

Favorite Quote: There are a lot of funny moments in the novel and my brain can't narrow it down to just one, so I'll pick a quote seen throughout the novel that if you know, you know.

"No mourners, no funerals."

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