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A Sweet Treat to Help Ease the Heat

I love baking. I always have and *hopefully* I always will. But because my dorm lacked a fully functional oven, I was not able to bake for a couple months. So when I got home, baking again was one of the first things on my to-do list (next to sleeping that is).

One of my favorite baked goods is lemon bars. The tanginess of the lemon, the sweetness of the sugar. The contrasting textures - the soft chewy jelly compared to the hard baked crust. Lemon bars are perfection. Yet, I had never had the courage to bake them myself. Until two weeks ago when I googled and found a recipe I just had to try; a mash-up of my favorite fruit and one of my favorite desserts - Strawberry Lemonade Bars

First, I had to make sure that we had all the needed ingredients in the house. It must have been fate because somehow we did (and that rarely happens for me). Unfortunately, I can't remember all that was used, but I'll add a link to the site where I got the recipe from: Next, after putting Maury on tv so that I could have something entertaining to watch while I baked, I put the oven on and started looking for a pan to bake the crust in. Then promptly turned the oven back off when my search hit a dead end. So instead of using a regular pan like the recipe called for, I used cupcakes tin - which I personally believe ended up working out and looking better.

Then, I mixed the batter for the crust, set that off into the oven to bake, made the mixture for the filling, had to call my mom because I couldn't work the blender, and eventually (finally) got everything going properly(ish) and in the oven. After about 20 minutes and some extra cooling time, my strawberry lemonade bars were ready to go into the fridge and finishing setting.

I transferred them to a cupcake carrying case for easy storage (with the help of my mom) and left them in the refrigerator until anyone was ready to grab one. I was honestly (pleasantly) surprised at how fast they went and how good they turned out. If they were bad, I was going to ask my mom if she could take them to work and anonymously leave them in the office kitchen. Luckily, it didn't come to that because these mini treats were delicious in taste and cool in touch - perfect for the summer. This is a recipe that'll definitely need to try again before this warm season ends.

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