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Think "Oprah's Favorite Things" but curated by a college kid

Here's what I've been listening to / watching / reading / etc. this past month. If I think it'll help your life at all, I'll add it here.

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March 2019

This month, one thing I’d really like to recommend is traveling. Spring Break is a college tradition which many students have looked forward to and many beach town locals have dreaded for decades. This year, I got the opportunity to partake in the collegiate festivities and go on a trip to Miami with some great friends and it was absolutely fantastic. Often I feel like we take for granted just how refreshing a quick trip can be. We doubt the power a change of scenery can possess. Whether it requires grabbing a passport and hopping on a 10 hour flight or just filling up the gas tank and heading to the next city over, I think everyone should get out there and travel a little more.

Also, I cannot let Women’s History Month conclude without recommending some things related to the subject! Stream your favorite female artists (may I recommend Beyoncé and Toni Braxton). Watch some shows worked by women (Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder brought to you by Shonda Rhimes are on Netflix). Read books written by girls (a classic like Beloved by Toni Morrison or something a little more contemporary like Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas). Just celebrate women (always, not just in March).

Lastly, please go see Us. I did and it was fantastic and will be dissected and discussed for years. It's a great film and not seeing it is a huge disservice. 

This Has Nothing To Do with Books...

But I love crystals and astrology and all that jazz and I believe that everyone would benefit from referring to it more often so here are some (non-sponsored) links to my preferred sites:

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